Sonntag, 27. Februar 2011

Installation #20 Birr castle Ireland

2nd installation of a low frequency Callisto at Birr castle, Ireland. Instrument will be operated by Trinity College Dublin.

Peter, Pietro, Joe, Eoin and Christian were working very hard to get everything running within two days...
We already got 1st light on February 27th 2011, it is a type III flare going down to about 30 MHz. Data access here: Rosseobservatory.

Below a video (9.34MB) about positioning the logarithmic-periodic antenna to the sun.

Samstag, 19. Februar 2011

Installation #19 Anchorage Alaska USA

Top: First light in Alaska on Feb. 15th 2011 at ~02:00UT.
It shows a type IV solar radio flare which was connected to a strong x-ray flare X2.2
System was built, tested and will be operated by W. Reeve Anchorage.
FIT-files are automatically transferred to a shared FTP-server.
Middle: Logarithmic-periodic antenna on the roof, tracking the sun.
Bottom: Control-PC and Callisto (right on the table).

Link to an article in Nature about e-Callisto network of Feb. 17th, 2011.
Link to an interview in Swiss news SFDRS of Feb. 18th 2011.