Sonntag, 4. Dezember 2011

Callisto at the University of Pune/India operational

Installation of a new Callisto at Pune University in India between 23th and 25th of November 2011 during a Solar Radio Workshop dedicated to Callisto and e-Callisto network. During the workshop two other groups from Ahmedabad/India and Sri Lanka learned how to install and configure a Callisto system. S. Ananthakrishnan (Pune) and Rajamal Jain (Ahmedabad) studying the new log-per on the roof of the institute of electronic science. The preamplifier is close to the top of the antenna to get full sensitivity. The antenna, a special design covering 100 MHz - 1000 MHz is pointing to an average position of the sun during transit.
And we already got a first light on Nov. 23th at 08:47 UTC. It shows the first harmonic of a low frequency type II solar radio burst.

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